How does this Archery Target Lifetime Warranty thing work? Is it for real?

It is 100% for real. Bulldog Targets is the first archery target company to offer a lifetime warranty on an archery target. With each Doghouse FP, you are covered for life! If you wear out the face, the inside, or any other part of the target by shooting at it we will replace it for the rest of its life. Generally the only part that wears out on the target is the face so usually we will just send out a new face kit, however if for some reason you have worn out more than just the face just send us your old target and we'll make it good as new and send it back!


How long does a target last?

This is a difficult question to answer exactly but we have seen some of our targets lasting between 10,000 - 30,000 shots. The thing that makes our targets different is that even when they wear out all you need to do is install a new face and they are basically brand new again. The inside of our targets basically lasts forever so as long as you keep the face in good shape it might last you forever!


Can I shoot broadheads at the Bulldog targets?

The archery targets that we currently offer are not meant for broadheads. We will be releasing a broadhead model in the future. Our entire current lineup is just for field points.


My target has a spot on it that the arrow almost goes all the way through but the rest is fine. Why is this?

Because of the nature of our targets, this can happen from time to time. It simply happens because there is a certain spot that has been hit a lot or has a small void. It is really easy to fix. Lay the target down on its face and stand up on top of it. Step up and down and in various spots on the target and this will redistribute the inside, correcting the problem.


Can I leave my target out in the rain?

Your Bulldog target can withstand the rain no problem. The main issue with leaving it outside for extended periods of time is actually not the rain, it is the sun. The sun will dry out the face and also fade the target circles on the target. It's perfectly fine to leave it out for a few days here and there but if you are done after hunting season we would recommend storing it inside for the off season.


Can I shoot Crossbows at Bulldog targets?

Absolutely! All of our targets are capable of stopping crossbow bolts up to a certain speed. We guarantee all of our targets to be able to handle speeds of 330 FPS. Any 12 inch models will be effective up to 400FPS, and our extra-thick 15 inch models (like the XL450!) are rated for 450FPS! That’s the fastest crossbow we could find on the market, but we think it can handle even faster speeds than that. 


What is the best way to pin a paper target to the FF (Flat Face Series)

We have found the best method for pinning targets to your DogHouse FF, DoubleDog FF, RangeDog, and K9 Targets are with a long nail with a plastic washer. Golf Tee's tend to be a bit hard to push in. There are a few target pins on the market that work well. Masking tape is effective as well, if you prefer to go that route.

Also check out the best pins to hang paper targets.



Is there anything I can do to extend the life of my target?

Yes, there is - shoot sharp points! By this we mean if you have a field point on your arrow that is blunt, or dull, or has hit something hard and has a jagged edge, put a new point on it. The design of our targets is such that when an arrow enters it slips between the weave of the target and really hardly damages the face. When you pull the arrow out the fibers heal back up behind it. However, if you have a badly damaged point or a dull bullet point it wears out the fibers a lot quicker.


What is the Plus series? Is it right for me?

The Plus series is a revolutionary new internal system that provides two things: Ridiculously easy arrow removal, and improved stopping power. All of our targets are now available in the Plus Series. We’d recommend the Plus series for anyone who is planning to shoot high arrow volumes and desires the best arrow removal in the industry, or anyone with a particularly high kinetic energy setup. The Plus series material is ideal for pro-shop ranges, and club targets, both of which are sure to see a variety of users over the course of their lifetimes. 


I live in the United States, and I have noticed that you are located in Canada. Will I be charged in US dollars, and will I run into any problems or delays at the border?

The Archers Hub office is indeed located in central Alberta, Canada and all archery targets are shipped from Canada. We will also cover all brokerage on every US bound shipment. No surprise bills and shipping times similar to domestic US shipments.